Organization of advertising agencies: business from scratchMany have reached working age people at least once, but thought to get a job employed or to arrange a private business enterprise. As a result, everyone makes their own choices, the most suitable for you. Someone opens an individual business, others are engaged in building a career in large companies as office managers and other professionals, based in the Universities of education.

Suppose that after graduation and obtaining a specialization in marketing one decides in favor of their own businesses. Now the only thing left is to develop an effective business plan, find start-up capital and turn that idea into reality. Only when all the above points it is possible to speak about the dream of a profitable business in marketing in reality. Naturally, all of these actions will require even and hard work of the entrepreneur. The only way you can achieve positive dynamics in the development of their own business.

How does small business marketing?

Business in the field of advertising requires the organizer interpersonal skills, ability to communicate with people, ability to think creatively. In terms of the high degree of competition, these qualities will become a vital tool in the development of the advertising business. Another lever of pressure is the experience. It is not at the firms beginners, but it’s not terrible. Sooner or later, the experience of the advertising business is acquired.

Returning to practice, it is possible to point out one obvious fact: over 95% of businesses on the market are the buyers – companies-intermediaries between buyer and producer of goods and services. For their services, these companies charge a certain fee. The question arises as to why the consumer is not cooperating with the manufacturer directly? What causes him to pay more? To answer these questions is not easy – it is advertising. Moreover, large marketing companies work with appropriate size customers. They are ready to execute large-scale projects. Make it buying Agency is a small advertising mediation company. By entering into an agreement with the sharks of the advertising business, they receive discounts on services in the field of marketing. Due to this difference, the survival of small business in the advertising market.

Start organizing marketing business

One of the most common and effective methods of business organization in the field of advertising from scratch is to sell billboards that marketers often referred to as planes. Traditionally, the size of this computer is 3*6 meters. They can be found along the streets of the average city in Russia with a population of over 10,000 people. On such a plane to advertise will want many companies, ranging from local food supermarket and ending at a roadside restaurant/diner. Primarily, this is due to the reasonable cost of the plane to place their ads. The average rent for new computer is 100-150. E. per month, depending on the location of the plane. The billboards in the Central areas of the big city are more expensive. Their rent reaches 300-600. E. on a monthly basis.

The price for advertising on planes sets their owner. While advertisers have a policy every six months rental of billboards within a single city region is reviewed. Rates vary simultaneously, uniformly and consistently.

The conclusion of the contract on the provision of mediation services

To decide how long the on-site owners of the billboards, through analytical research conducted online. Search engine Yandex will give all existing on-site buyers. More proven way is to drive on city streets and make a note which companies operate in the territory. On all planes always specified, to whom they belong.

Once you have a list of the companies-owners of advertising space, should organize meetings with representatives of each of them. During negotiations it is important to make a positive impression. It depends on how much you’ll earn on the spread of rental billboards for companies.

How to produce this impression, matter. Here is the very important ability, which we have discussed above, listing the basic conditions for the success of the organization of the advertising business from scratch. Mention should be made of their far-reaching plans indicate existing customers who are interested in publishing ads on the billboards of the company. Ie need to intrigue the company of the benefits of cooperation. If it was possible to do at least a couple of the owners of the billboards, then we can proceed to the next stage of the organization of the advertising business.

Search designer

A number of clients – users of billboards, not only need the plane for advertising, but also in creating marketing layout. In this case you will need a personal experience in the field of design or relevant specialist. The second option, of course, this is the article for additional costs. The work of the designer will have to pay. It is not necessary to employ a staff developer advertising models. You can negotiate piecework cooperation with freelancers. The difference between the real cost of a designer of the layout and the actual sale of the finished product – additional profit advertising Agency. Ie if a ready-made layout for advertising on the Billboard 100. E., it is likely to find an honest provider of such orders for 50-70. E. Therefore, 50-30. E. settles as the company’s profit. You can find more cheap by. It’s only a matter of time over which the company will have its own database of freelancers.

Promotion marketing Agency in the advertising market

The next stage of the organization of the advertising business is attracting customers. Experience shows that this is the most difficult stage in this case. Given that the implementation of the business carried out without much start-up capital, you should consider the most affordable ways of promotion of the Agency.

The most affordable method of promoting goods and services on the market considered to be word of mouth. How it works, you can read on the Internet. Today on the territory of Ukraine published a large number of materials with a detailed description of different ways to promote their products and services, including word of mouth.

In General this principle is the need to alert all of their friends and acquaintances about the business activities in the field of advertising. In the result of service marketing Agency will recommend at every opportunity. This method does not work at the moment. Because you have to wait a while until word of mouth “thunder”. Naturally, throughout this period will have to work tirelessly, paying maximum attention to its customers. This will help to earn good reviews for the company.

In parallel, word of mouth should not neglect the promotion of your business online. For this, you ought to spend some private time on the newsletter link mass. To perform something similar to the work of a spammer. To do this, pick the most appropriate sphere. For example, the market for furniture products. You should then compile a list of all commercial enterprises in the area of operations of an advertising Agency with contact information for each. Then each company sent specially prepared proposal – presentation marketing Agency. This file should have little weight, and may contain specific data about the services, the company’s special offers and their cost. This can be done regularly but unobtrusively.

Another method of business promotion in the market of advertising publish free ads on specialized websites. This can be done by using multiple variations of ads, at the same time posting on different message boards. Preferably weekly change the texts to publish regularly hit the tops. As in the case of mailing, ads need to publish constantly and over a long period of time.

All three methods of promotion marketing agencies is completely free, it is quite effective. So, following these steps, the business will surely get regular and new customers.


As is the case with any other type of business, organization of business activity in the field of advertising does not tolerate neglect in development. Start from scratch is by promoting advertising space. In the near future should think about the development and other areas of the advertising business in order to obtain greater profits. Becoming on your feet, it is important to create your own web resource. It is an integral part of any modern business, contributing to the formation of his authority to obtain the status of a serious player in the advertising market. Attracting new customers is the main task of a successful entrepreneur.