Permits open for public comment

Here you will find information about the following types of permits:

Unless otherwise noted public comment periods are for 30 days.

Here you will find any draft operating permits currently open for public comment. Operating permits are required for our region's largest sources of air emissions.  An operating permit encompasses a source's entire operations.

Here you will find any draft notice of construction permits open for public comment. A notice of construction permit is needed when a business wishes to install or modify equipment that produces air emissions. Not all notice of construction permits are subject to public comment.  

Here you will find any draft permits establishing limits on potential to emit. A 'limit on potential to emit' means that a source will agree to voluntarily ensure that its air emissions do not exceed a certain level -- in order to remain below the requirements for an operating permit.

Here you will find any draft general regulatory orders for existing PSAPCA registered or operating permit sources. General regulatory orders are issued by the agency in cases where a source of air emissions wishes to establish an alternative means of compliance with air quality regulations.  

Here you will find requests for a variance from our regulations. Such variances require a public hearing.

Updated May 1998

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