What can I do?

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Although it may seem as though air pollution is too big a problem for one person to make much of a difference, collectively we can have a big impact.

Save it for a windy day

Pay attention to weather conditions. Our air can become unhealthy when we don't have enough breeze to disperse the daily pollution we create with activities like driving, heating with wood or burning yard waste. Since the weather can't cooperate with our desire to have clean air every day, we need to find ways to do it ourselves.

What can I do in winter?

Listen to weather reports. Inversions of more than a day or two in winter are a warning sign that air pollution levels are rising. Cold, still air traps pollution close to the ground.

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What can I do in summer?

Inversions in summer, coupled with temperatures in the 90s, can raise pollution to unhealthy levels. Especially when temperatures soar, you should consider doing things differently.

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What can I do in every season?

Some things to keep in mind

Read the newspapers for information about air quality and check the daily pollutant standard index often. You can find the latest index readings on this website, by looking in Puget Sound area newspapers or by calling 1-800-433-2215.

Updated July 20, 1999

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