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Our agency's mission -- clearing the air

The mission of the Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Agency (PSAPCA) is to protect our air resources for the health of current and future generations by fostering individual responsibility and regulatory accountability.

PSAPCA was established by state law in 1967 (RCW Chap. 70.94). Our job is to help provide Puget Sound citizens with clean air. To do this, we enforce federal, state and local air pollution laws and regulations in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties. Our policies and programs are designed to meet and maintain air quality standards, protect human health, prevent injury to plant and animal life and protect Puget Sound's panoramic views.

Our jurisdiction spans 6,300 square miles and is home to about 3 million people -- more than half the state's population. PSAPCA works in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Washington State Department of Ecology, industry, local jurisdictions and private citizens.

Today, you can't see air pollution as easily as you could 25 years ago. Early air pollution control focused on particulate matter, because it was visible and more easily controlled than gases, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. In the federal Clean Air Act of 1970, PSAPCA's role was expanded to include responsibility for reducing these less visible pollutants with known health effects.

These days, factory smokestacks belching thick black smoke are a thing of the past. That's because of pollution control equipment in place at large factories such as cement plants, paper and pulp mills.

Air quality today has more to do with what you and I do in our personal lives, especially in the ways we commute, heat our homes and dispose of our garbage and yard waste.

Our board of directors

PSAPCA's board of directors is composed of representatives from each of the four counties in our jurisdiction, including a representative from the largest city in each county, and one member representing the public-at-large.  The board meets the second Thursday of every month at 9 a.m. at the agency's offices .

Our board of directors:

Our advisory council

PSAPCA's advisory council is composed of individuals representing large and small business, non-regulated business, transportation, health & science, tribal interests, fire officials, the environmental community and the public-at-large. The role of the advisory council is to provide counsel and input on agency programs and regulations.

The advisory council meets the last Wednesday of every month at 9 a.m. at the agency's offices.

The advisory council members are:

Jane Q. Koenig, Ph.D, Public-at-Large, King County (University of Washington, School of Public Health)

Michael Shepard, Public-at-Large, Kitsap County

Michelle Jones, Public-at-Large, Pierce County

Grady Helseth, Public-at-Large, Snohomish County (Washington Car Club Council)

Mike Cassidy, Construction (Long Services Corp.)

Marina Cofer-Wildsmith, M.A., Education

Rodger Herbst, Environment

Connie Lewis, Environment/Transportation (URS Greiner, Inc.)

Chief Chauncey Sauer, Fire Chiefs' Association, (Snohomish Co. F.D. #11)

Kenneth Casey, M.D., Health (Virginia Mason Medical Center)

Hannah Kimball, Industry - Large (Environmental Operations, The Boeing Co.)

Greg Tisdel, Industry - Small/Medium (Tiz's Door, Everett)

David Nemens, Vice Chair, Non-Regulated Business (David Nemens Assoc., Inc.)

Vacant, Tribal

Our agency's funding

The agency is funded by a combination of sources including:

Contributions from cities and counties works out to about 31 cents per person per year, while the smallest registration fee paid by any business is $141 per year. Annual fees for cities and counties are calculated proportionally based on the population count of the prior year and the assessed valuation provided by the county.

Civil penalties are paid by businesses and/or individuals who have been found to be in violation of air quality laws and regulations. These funds are used exclusively to pay for agency educational programs, such as our K-12 education and community outreach programs and our web site. These funds are not used to pay agency salaries or operating costs.

Staff contacts

If you have a specific question or concern, please feel free to contact the staff member who can best serve your individual needs. Contact the individuals listed below directly by dialing (206) 689 and then the four-digit extension listed next to the name or 1-800-552-3565 followed by the four-digit extension at the answer prompt. The 1-800-number is only accessible in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties in Washington state.

Agency staff are listed alphabetically by department. Are you uncertain about who you need to speak with?  General questions can be answered by our customer service representatives at our main number, (206) 343-8800  or 1-800-552-3565.  

The following are expertise areas of our staff.  You may go directly to the area that interests you, or scroll through the complete list of staff contacts.

Source Information

Permitting & Absestos Notification


Emission Inventories

Air Quality Planning

Other Compliance Related Activities

Inspection staff

Registering an air quality complaint

Engineering staff contacts

Engineering: Stationary Source Information
e-mail: eng@psapca.org Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Aerospace Abby Lee (4059) Maggie Corbin (4057)
Dry cleaners Kwame Agyei (4054) Tom Hudson (4058)
Spray painting/autobody Tom Hudson (4058) Larry Vaughn (4035)
Fugitive dust Gerry Pade (4065) John Anderson (4051)
Fuel combustion Fred Austin (4055) Jay Willenberg (4052)
Waste oil Fred Austin (4055) Claude Williams (4066)
Incineration (general) Fred Austin (4055) Jay Willenberg (4052)
Incineration (pathological) Claude Williams (4066) Jay Willenberg (4052)
Degreasers Maggie Corbin (4057) Abby Lee (4059)
Gas stations Larry Vaughn (4035) Tom Hudson (4058)
Landfills Claude Williams (4066) Fred Austin (4055)
Sewage treatment Claude Williams (4066) Fred Austin (4055)
Compost operations Claude Williams (4066) Gerry Pade (4065)
Coffee roasters Dave Lenington (4061) Jay Willenberg (4052)
Metal finishing Dave Lenington (4061) Maggie Corbin (4057)
Wood finishing Maggie Corbin (4057) Dave Lenington (4061)
Ethylene oxide Maggie Corbin (4057) John Anderson (4051)
Chrome plating Maggie Corbin (4057) Abby Lee (4059)
Acceptable ambient levels Maggie Corbin (4057) Naydene Maykut (4062)
Permitting & Asbestos Notification
e-mail: engpermits@psapca.org Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Notices of Construction See specific source contact above Jay Willenberg (4052)
or Dave Lenington (4061)
Operating permits Jay Willenberg (4052) Claude Williams (4066)
Asbestos notification Larry Vaughn (4035) Larry Vaughn (4035)
Permit fees Jay Willenberg (4052) Dave Lenington (4061)
Emission reduction credits Jay Willenberg (4052) Gerry Pade (4065)
Agricultural burning Larry Vaughn (4035) Tom Hudson (4058)
e-mail: eng@psapca.org Primary contact Secondary contact
Information John Anderson (4051) Mel Jensen (4049)
Fees Accounting (4014) John Anderson (4051)
Payment Accounting (4014)  
Emission Inventories
e-mail: engplanning@psapca.org Primary contact Secondary contact
General questions John Anderson (4051) Kwame Agyei (4054)
Point source (general) John Anderson (4051) Kwame Agyei (4054)
Stationary area sources Kwame Agyei (4054) John Anderson (4051)
AIRS (EPA system) John Anderson (4051) Kwame Agyei (4054)
On-highway mobile sources John Anderson (4051) Kwame Agyei (4054)
Off-highway mobile sources Kwame Agyei (4054) John Anderson (4051)
Air Quality Planning
e-mail: engplanning@psapca.org Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Transportation: General questions Brian O'Sullivan (4063) John Anderson (4051)
Demand management Brian O'Sullivan (4063) John Anderson (4051)
Alternative fuels Brian O'Sullivan (4063) John Anderson (4051)
Inspection/maintenance Dept. of Ecology 1-800-272-3780  
Oxygenated gasoline Larry Vaughn (4035) Brian O'Sullivan (4063)
Conformity Brian O'Sullivan (4063) Gerry Pade (4065)
Land use/Growth management Brian O'Sullivan (4063) John Anderson (4051)
State Implementation Plan: General questions Brian O'Sullivan (4063) John Anderson (4051)
Particulate matter Gerry Pade (4065) John Anderson (4051)
Carbon monoxide/ozone Brian O'Sullivan (4063) John Anderson (4051)
Regulation Updates John Anderson (4051) Gerry Pade (4065)
Toxics: General Maggie Corbin (4057) John Anderson (4051)
Asbestos: Program coordination Tom Hudson (4058) Larry Vaughn (4035)
Project notification Anne Morgan (4090) Tom Hudson (4058)
Technical support Tom Hudson (4058) Larry Vaughn (4035)
Homeowner asbestos questions Tom Hudson (4058) Larry Vaughn (4035)
Urban Visibility Study Naydene Maykut (4062) Brian O'Sullivan (4063)
Odors (questions only, complaints to main number) Claude Williams (4066) Jay Willenberg (4052)
Tribal program Naydene Maykut (4062) Dave Kircher (4050)
Technical and health studies Naydene Maykut (4062) Dave Kircher (4050)
Other Compliance Related Activities
e-mail: eng@psapca.org Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Continuous emission monitoring Fred Austin (4055) Jay Willenberg (4052)
Source testing/methods Fred Austin (4055) Jay Willenberg (4052)
Inspection staff
e-mail: inspection@psapca.org Primary Contact
Manager - Inspection Neal Shulman (4078)
North Inspection Team Rick Hess (4029)
South Inspection Team Mario Miller (4023)
Technical Services staff
e-mail: techserv@psapca.org Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Air monitoring network Ken Knowle (4008) Brad Donaldson (4003)
Mike Gilroy (4001)
Air monitoring data requests Ken Knowle (4008) Mary Hoffman (4006)
Mike Gilroy (4001)
Quality assurance Bob Franks (4009) Ken Knowle (4008)
Mike Gilroy (4001)
Meteorological conditions Ken Knowle (4008) Mike Gilroy (4001)
BBS/Web site connectivity Tom Henchman (4007) Ken Knowle (4008)
Bruce Bagley (4002)
Communications Staff
e-mail: commedu@psapca.org Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Media contacts Deanna Zachrisson (4044)
Susan Alotrico (4040)
Alice Collingwood (4043)
Kayleen Dunson (4017)
Mike Schultz (4060)
K-12 Education Susan Alotrico (4040) Alice Collingwood (4043)
Web site
e-mail: custserv@psapca.org
Deanna Zachrisson (4044)
Tom Henchman (4007)
Business Assistance Mike Schultz (4060) --
Business Clean Air Network Susan Alotrico (4040) Deanna Zachrisson (4044)

If there currently is an Air Quality Call to Action, Burn Ban or Smog Watch in effect and you are a member of the media, you can reach us on evenings or weekends via pager (206) 663-8039 or dial our main agency number, (206) 343-8800.  Our answering service can help you reach us.

Registering an air quality complaint

For complaints about indoor and outdoor smoke, odors or other air quality problems, please call our main agency number, (206) 343-8800 or 1-800-552-3565.  

Please let the customer service representative know that you wish to log a complaint.  The representative can explain our complaint response procedure to you.  You can complain anonymously, but providing your name, address and phone number will make it easier for us to follow up the problem with you.  The source of the problem, whether it be a business or a neighbor, will not be informed who has reported the problem to us.

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