How to open a clothing store from scratch? The business plan marketThe need of human society in the clothes is quite high and is one of the main. Evidence of this conviction is not required to seek. Person immediately after birth already requires the purchase of clothes, so as not naturally able to adapt to the surrounding temperature. Throughout later life buying clothes is one of the main requirements arising from growth, change, build, fashion trends, taste preferences, individual dates and events in the life of every person. All these reasons make people to visit the clothing stores to purchase new article of clothing for a particular occasion.

There are two types clothing store – supermarkets where you can buy anything you want, and specialized boutiques. Naturally, a lot of small businesses opening a small boutique specializing in one or another category of clothing – jackets, hats, jeans, formal dresses and etc. to choose its direction, it is enough to study the market.

The study of roar

The study of the market for any kind of entrepreneurial activity is one of the fundamental stages of the business. The results of this analysis allow to achieve guaranteed success in business. The clothing market is quite diverse. It involves dividing the products into categories such as women’s and men’s clothing, children’s clothing, underwear, holiday clothes, sportswear, plus size clothing, special clothes for different activities.

Experienced traders are recommended to first determine the average income of residents of the city or region, which will focus the proposal of a new business. You also cannot lose sight of the age-sex structure of the local population. To obtain such information on the web-site of state statistics.

Appealing received information, it is possible to determine the main consumer, the expected amount of demand. But other than the consumer for the purpose of determining the saturation of the market of clothes should evaluate the proposal. According to statistics, in municipalities with a population of less than 700,000 people is not more than 1 to 2 large shopping centers, the main territory which, as a rule, take the clothing stores. Thus, deciding to start a business selling clothes, to consider the proposal enough to visit a number of shopping centers, to determine the deficit and surplus market.

Also when studying the proposals should pay attention to online shopping. Online trading today is quite a developed economy, because it have a large number of consumers. Market research it is important to note, in what price range works the main part of potential competitors, which brands are offered, for what target audience they work…

Where to open a clothing store: select your location?

Where to open a retail outlet with clothes? – the question of interest to every beginner, even an experienced entrepreneur. This is an important point of building a successful small business specializing in the sale of clothing. The majority of consumers prefer to shop in one place. This explains the high degree of profitability of trading companies occupying sites in shopping centers and areas of high permeability. Minus the opening of the boutique in the Mall can become high rents. If this is an important point in choosing a platform to trade a selected category of goods, you can search commercial property in the maximum proximity to the shopping malls or in the area where people are gathered.

Site selection to trade clothing

Having made the decision to open a business based on the clothing trade, you should carefully work on your premises for your business. Above we have mentioned two main criteria that you should consider when choosing a location for your clothing store the cost of rent and permeability. The newly minted entrepreneurs are advised not to take trade pavilions, requiring retooling, retrofitting or obtaining permits. These additional challenges will require increased costs for the organization of the business that are often not included in the plans of the budding entrepreneur.

When choosing a room for a clothing store need to pay attention to its total area, distance from public transportation, Parking, separate entrance, floor, number of rooms and labyrinths, interior design, decoration in General.

In the negotiations on the lease trade pavilion entrepreneurs should not hesitate to request deferred payments – the so-called rent vacation. In General, the lease should be treated very carefully. The presence of such item, an “early termination” in the case of low profitability during the first months of operation, is a big plus for the owner. Also, you should write in the lease penalties of the lessor in the event of early termination of relations with arendodatelem – user. This will prevent loss of money on someone else’s fault.

The necessary equipment for clothing store

To open a trading pavilion clothing no need to purchase expensive and complex hardware. But do not neglect quality when choosing mannequins, hangers, mirrors, chairs, shelves, curtains in the changing rooms and other attributes to trade clothing. In constant contact with visitors of store retail equipment often fails. In addition, coming in the store, customers should be assured of the highest quality. So, the trading equipment should correspond to the high level. In addition, the store must be in the presence of a cash register for customer service and a quality sound system.

The main costs for setting up a business selling clothes

Business organization selling clothes, no matter what price range and groups, suggests these types of current expenses such as paying the rent of the shopping pavilion, buy goods, the payment of salaries to the personnel. As for the staff, their number depends entirely on the size of the store and volume of products supplied. For the mini-Mart clothes enough two-three vendors who would work in shifts, performing both the main functions of the cashier.

The functions of accountant in a clothing store can perform as a full time employee and part-time specialist. The last option involves saving money not only on wages but also on the content of the workplace. All store employees, directly interacting with clients, are required to hold a current health and books. Otherwise, the employer may have problems with health services.

The selection of suppliers for clothing store

This item of business organization for the sale of garments also should be referred to the principal. After the owner will make a choice in favor of one or another segment of the goods, he should analyze the offers of all suppliers of clothing. In particular I am talking about the range and the quality and prices. Do not neglect the cooperation terms, delivery terms, payment of transport costs, discounts and other moments that arise in the conduct of partnership with the manufacturer or agent of clothes.

To select the supplier of the goods should explore the websites of the respective companies, to clarify, what trademarks they work, and under what conditions supply orders. Thus, a list of major suppliers and brands with whom business will be profitable to continue to cooperate.

What is the legal form of the enterprise to choose to trade clothing?

Ideal for newly opening business in the clothing trade today in Russia it is considered IP – individual enterprise. If trade area of the pavilion does not exceed 150 m2, an aspiring businessman can work UTII. This scheme of taxation is possible for all regions of Russia, except for the capital. It involves the payment of 15% of imputed income net of insurance expenses and statutory right not to have a cash register. Also PIS engaged in retail, have the right to operate without the use of a cash register, and also with application of the simplified taxation system.
Today there are two options STS – 6% of revenue or 15% of revenues less costs.

Advertising business selling clothes

Any business venture requires promotion, i.e. advertising. As for companies selling clothes, its advertising should be carried out starting from the moment of signing the rental agreement, the trade pavilion. After the conclusion of the relevant agreement, the entrepreneur may post banner ads is about what products will be sold in the store indicating the timing of the opening, promotions and discounts for first and loyal customers.

In addition, you can put ads in local media, on the radio, or TV. If the ad shows the deadlines for the opening, then the entrepreneur should carefully monitor the conduct of preparatory works to the scheduled event took place in time.

For buyers necessarily worth to develop loyalty programs and discount cards. This will encourage constant demand.

In parallel for advertising your company can lead the group in social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Twitter) in which to publish news about promotional offers, fashion trends and new arrivals.

The profits of a business selling clothes

Obviously, the main income of a clothing store is selling. Therefore, for the businessman it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the quality of service and customer service company. For quality control of staff work you can conduct customer surveys, to use the services client secret, and to endeavour to put in shop current collections of popular brands.

Risks small businesses selling clothes

Low demand is the main challenge to the successful development of the business of selling clothes. It is contributed to by factors such as poorly chosen location, poor customer service, incorrectly selected pricing or niche. To reduce risks, you should carefully consider the issue of creating a business plan.


The profitability of a clothing store depends on the revenue, which, in turn, depends on the demand for the offer. To ensure a high level of consumption can only current offer. So entrepreneurs who have decided to earn on the sale of clothing, should closely monitor the fashion trends of the upcoming seasons to be in trend. Plus, do not neglect the quality. Too low quality will scare away the buyer. This suggests the need for cooperation only with reliable suppliers of clothes.