Opening an online store in the countryside – the idea is promising entrepreneurshipI dream of creating their own business from scratch and don’t know what could be a promising business idea for a business without start-up capital? Then the earnings on online trading in the village is what you need!

The idea of having my own small business possessed not only the citizens, but residents of rural areas. Some of them engaged in farming, other processed agriculture products, while others tend to business development in the field of hi-tech. Given the small enlightenment residents of native villages in the field of IT-technologies, organization of online trading in the Russian province can be a promising way of an independent income.

Organization of the online store in the village

To open an online store in any remote from the Central areas of the municipality. The population does not matter. For this you will need a personal computer, or any other stable operating computer devices, as well as access to the Internet and the mobile phone. To place an online store you have someone at home or by renting space in a local shop or other public premises of the municipality. The principle of operation of rural Internet store is to collect information from customers regarding their products.

Upon receiving the application, the entrepreneur needs to find a supplier through the use of the Internet, to discuss the price, terms and cost of delivery, and to obtain products for their client. For providing such services, businesses will take a percentage. This will be the company’s income. You can organize a network of online stores, place the similar point in the near villages.

The profitability of such enterprises is able to provide advertising. It is desirable to provide the ability to purchase products at best price with home delivery.
There is no need to serve the customers only on certain categories of goods. The range of rural Internet shop no sense to restrict, as the network can be purchased with delivery to the nearest branch of the postal service or via a courier service of any kind of products, ranging from medicines and to agricultural equipment, animal feeds, consumer electronics, furniture, bicycles and other goods that are traditionally popular in the village.

The main condition of business success in the field of online trading in rural areas – is the observance of austerity and all the principles of logistics. This will require a car that will get ordered in the network products in the nearest large settlement with a post office and deliver to clients addresses within a specified time.

Advantages of the online store in the countryside

To open outlets online sales not required to obtain patents or other permissions. It is enough to register a private company that provides services of delivery.


Organization of online trading in the village – a great idea for a profitable business that does not require a large investment. Over time, will grow the customer base and suppliers that will provide regular and steady income to the business.