Own business training dogsThe English word “train” comes from the French dressagе”. In translation into Russian language this word means “teaching” or “adjustment”. Simply put, the phrase “dog training” can be interpreted as training or developing animal reflex, conditional reaction to a particular team owner. Why do I need training animals? To answer this question quite simply. Training dogs can improve the efficiency of their use of skills in everyday life.

Dog training is the process of upbringing of the animal, the preparation of certain conditions of coexistence with man. Such education is systematic and focused.

The purpose of the animal training – training a dog or other pet to coexist with man, his socialization in human society, preparation for understanding new commands, the perception of new information.

In order to train dogs, you must love animals, be able to treat them. Ideally also be familiar with the course of cynology. But in order to organize their business on the basis of training courses for dogs, it is not necessary to have specialized education. If you have the experience and desire, what’s the point in working somewhere and on someone?

Possible to make good money on training dogs large, small and medium breeds. In practice, such kind of activity is incredibly profitable.

Services dog training using a large number of people who have decided to acquire a home four-legged friends. In the conditions of modern life, the rhythms of which are often too quick to educate dogs is not all people. This happens because of the lack of free time, or fatigue. In this fashion the contents in your home decorative toy makes its own rules. Because more and more people are buying puppies that want to spend their leisure time.

Even the tiny dogs require training to the standards of conduct in human society. Otherwise, one of amusing each other, they can become unbearable burden for property owners.

Before you start talking about opening a business, it is necessary to define the concept of skilled training and teaching dogs to understand the difference between them. According to existing concepts, skilled training is an educational course for large and medium breeds of dog – fighting, guard. Dog training is an educational course to ensure safe interaction with the host and surrounding animal people.

The main types of dog training

Experts in the breeding and handling of Pets there are several major types of dog training. These include: the General course of training; protective guard duty; search; search and rescue; service tray light loads; advanced protective service.

In addition, all of these kinds of training dogs are classified on the basis of lack of sports. For example, education, social service dogs” is a separate type of training. This course provides training of guide dogs, simple-rescuers, simple fire, or Kanis-therapy.

Actually types of training very much, but one of the most popular is BH (Begleithund). This type of training involves education managed a city dog, so-called a companion dog. To pass this course can any breed of dog. Unlike Russia, most European countries this kind of education is a compulsory event for the owners of dogs, especially if it is aggressive or fighting breeds. The results of the training course all dogs are attested in 2 stages. The first exam takes place on a closed platform, the second in urban environments.

Business organization training dogs

All operating on the territory of the Russian state school for dogs, organizing courses for animals, oriented to international standards and norms of social adaptation. Because in the organization of own business training animals, it is important to pre-read the terms and norms of social adaptation of dogs, compliance with which provides the tranquility and safety of the pet owner and the people around him. This approach would avoid the need for additional investments in business development for the organization of training courses for animals. Otherwise, you have to engage in the business of third-party specialists in the field of training of animals, such as dog trainers.

In addition, the organization of courses on owning a dog requires the premises and land. In their territory, in fact, will undergo training with the animals. For these purposes it is possible to use or adapt your own property. On average to open a school for training dogs requires a minimum of 50 m2 of land. On this site it is possible to place a small building to store everything required for club equipment (marking the check boxes, stacks, whistles for training, portirovochnaya objects, barriers, shelter helper, whips and whips for training, equipment and costumes trainers – protective overalls, sleeve training, etc.), as well as to build a special training ground for students.

Advertising club of upbringing dogs

Expenditure on the organization of the training club for dogs should indicate the category of “advertising”. Like any other type of business, this entrepreneurial business cannot exist and develop without additional tools used in promotion in the market. Ideally enlist the help of a professional. With it, you should advertise information about your club. It is advisable to do it in places of the greatest congestion of breeders. For example, in parks, in pet stores, animal hospitals, animal shelters, kennels, and also in the subway, beauty salons for dogs. In addition, you can independently or with the help of freelancers to create a special group of your club in social networks – Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, etc.

The profitability of the business training quadruped friends

About the profitability of the business on the organization of training courses for dogs do not worry. In conditions of tightened legislation obliging to pay the fines fixed as a result of aggression of an animal in relation to others or the owner, you can offer BH-course. Like other educational programs, it will provide a steady income to the dog trainer.

Love for Pets is forcing its owners to pay too much money for the sake of their animal obedience to their commands and appropriately behaved in public places. In the case of an attack on the host would be enough to give the command, so the dog could play the role of protector.

Another place to advertise the services of the trainer, are of for animals. Leaving their four-legged friends during his lengthy absence, the owner may pay and educational training for them to stay in the hotel not been in vain.

Business development for the organization of educational courses for dogs

In addition to basic courses for hospital animals, can develop additional training. These short term classes will be aimed at instilling in the individual dog’s habits of conduct in public places or abilities to perform a particular command. You can also organize preparatory courses for participation in exhibitions or fight competitions.

Parallel to the club, you can open a veterinary clinic, shop with accessories for animals dry food or kitchen for dogs. Actually options to expand business, based on dog breeding, a large number.

Hiring additional staff contributes to the development of a separate service. For example, conduct on-site lessons at home for dogs whose owners can’t or don’t have time to get your pet to the club.

You can promote your business on the Internet. Enough to keep your own blog, including videos on training and taming Pets. To open an online store for animals, etc.

Business registration for training dogs

Like most other activities, formal employment in the field of dog training requires not only professionalism and love of animals, but also special documents. First, it will relieve the owner from unnecessary trouble with the law. And secondly, it will attract more customers. Permits and certificates regulating activity in the field of educational activities for the animals, is the basis for successful business development. Naturally, if you are attracted to business professionals, or they themselves are developing their skills in the field of education dogs, one must have documents such as the identity of the instructor-trainer, the identity of the defendant, the identity of the expert working qualities and the sports of the Russian Cynological Federation. Organization of business training allowed, like any other business activity, requires obtaining permits, as well as sole proprietorship or LLC (depending on the scale of the company).

The main differences canine from dog training

Speaking about bringing the club of experts in the field of education and training of dogs, we actually never mentioned the handlers. This is understandable, as the experts-trainers and handlers do completely different activities. Canine is a narrow profile, a good connoisseur of dog breeds that are able to identify their key differences and similarities. The handlers know the conditions of each different type of dogs, how to feed, train, care.

Experts in the field of animal training are divided into separate categories:

– expert in training dogs in all directions – instructor/trainer;
– expert in training dogs to protective guard service of the defendant;
– expert in training dogs to participate in exhibitions – handler.

The advantages of business training dogs

The main advantage of entrepreneurial activity, organized on dog training, of course, is doing what with the possibility of high returns. As you know, to raise animals, not caring for them any warm feelings, it is impossible. The children themselves will not listen to the instructor, not set them as positive.

The second positive aspect of the organization’s educational club for animals is the possibility of starting work without start-up capital. For example, teaching lessons of good manners directly at home kennel. Even with this approach to organization business income will be high and will help to develop the business in the right direction. After individual training sessions for dogs in a short time, you can begin organizing group training, and then to open a Professional school training. On the basis of education in these schools, dog owners must obtain a special document that proves the ability of the animal’s stay safe in human society. The issuance of such certificates must be exercised on the basis of examinations, within which “students” demonstrate their skills.

Certification is an integral part of commercial activity in the training of animals. Its results for the business owner sums up the results of the work of specialists. In the case of insufficient good results dog will continue their education to later school training not acquired a anti.


The idea of organizing a business training dogs is very attractive. But do not forget that this kind of activity is rather seasonal. Winter service dog training uses a smaller number of breeders. Because in the winter time do not forget about additional ways of earnings (sale of pet food, accessories, healthy cooking, washing dogs, walking, etc.). Generally, this type of business activity is among the most profitable types. The payback of this project for the opening of the School for training dogs starts after 5-6 months.