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Here you will find information:

We are the primary agency in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties responsible for regulating air pollution from stationary sources. We register and inspect more than 4,000 sources of air pollution. Here you can learn more about what kinds of businesses are regulated.

If you are a business-owner, chances are that you deal with many public agencies. If your business emits air pollution, you may need to register your business with us. Here you will find information about registering a business and what annual fees must be paid.

You will need to get a permit every time your business plans to construct, install, establish, or modify certain classes of equipment. This means that you will need to submit a Notice of Construction application. Here you will find information about the Notice of Construction procedure.

Many older buildings in the Puget Sound area contain asbestos. When it's time to do any kind of removal, remodeling or demolition, there are requirements for the treatment of asbestos. Here you will find all the information and forms you need for a commercial asbestos project.

Are you the owner or operator of a gas station in the Puget Sound area? We have developed a Gas Station Operations & Maintenance Manual to help you operate in an air friendly and economically smart way.

The Washington-Oregon Gasoline Station work group has developed these forms for testing of Stage 1 and Stage 2 vapor recovery equipment.  These forms are available for downloading.

Do you need to speak to a staff person about a specific question or issue? Here's a list of many of our staff who can answer questions about registration, permitting, inspection or general air quality issues.  We can also help you if you need to file a complaint about a residence or business that is impacting your air quality or damaging your property due to air pollution.  

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