Trade homemade productsIn terms of the popularization of online business most ideas have significantly reduced requirements for the organization and investments in entrepreneurial activity.

An example is the organization of Internet Commerce products for home cooking. In the West, these companies quite a large number. Trading homemade food online there has long been considered a promising idea for a business. In Russia, a similar niche in the market for restaurant meals is not actually filled. This shows the great potential and opportunities to earn decided to implement the idea of an online store of homemade food in Runet.

Who can start a business selling homemade food?

To start trading your own culinary delights, every housewife. It is enough to be able to cook, to register the IP, to get permission from the Federal service and the Department of Sanitation for food & beverages, as well as to create your own page in Runet. It can be as open group in one or more social networks, and web site. But you can implement your business idea online trading products home kitchen and in another way – by creating an online service home cooking, involving the publication of advertisements just did those cooks who want to sell the results of their cooking activities. Therefore, a business selling homemade food can create like a chef, and web-master.

Organization of the online shop/service homemade food

To create a portal can both independently and with the help of experienced professionals. This event definitely will require investment. Cash will need to invest in website promotion – promotion. Not to worry about the delivery of food, it is possible to shift this responsibility directly to the sellers themselves. So they will be able to compete. In the future it is realistic to implement a customer service portal. This will allow you to earn extra income. The main profit of this online portal will be implemented at the expense of payment for the right to publish ads and the percentage of products sold. To avoid problems with the applicable laws, you can come up with requirements for the chefs and their products – for example, compulsory licenses or permits of Federal service, or other regulating this sphere of activity departments.


Organization of the online shop selling homemade food is relatively inexpensive and very promising business. The services of such a company will be able to use all Russians without exception, because it is not tied to specific territorial spaces. Your suggestions on the portal will be able to publish chefs from different cities and regions.