Exotic vacation in their native town: current business idea for Russian entrepreneursIn the tough economic situation many of our fellow citizens lost the opportunity to spend a vacation in exotic countries. Because you will be forced to seek alternative ways of spending free time in free from work and the daily hustle and bustle. The demand for an opportunity to relax and spend an unforgettable weekend or a summer vacation without having to leave your native country or city, generates a proposal. Accordingly it is appropriate to declare the business development in the segment of the organization exotic holiday on the territory of your city. Developing this theme, involuntarily you ask why on the Russian citizens should earn exclusively residents of coastal cities? Do tourists not interesting culture and traditions of the Northern peoples? Perhaps the reason is that the mentality of our countrymen are formed so that they tend to believe that the rest should be only on the coast or near a body of water. And the further South, the better…

It’s time to tear down these stereotypes. Creating all conditions for a comfortable and exciting stay in the territory of his native city, you can attract a lot of tourists. Today to find luxurious room with all amenities and great views of the city for affordable and interesting activities except in the capitals or major cities of Russia – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Sochi. All other Russian cities are unlikely to have hotels that focus on comfortable rest. The maximum that can offer the average municipality is room for business tourism.

Evidence of demand for the opportunity to rest without the need of leaving their city or country lots. Just visit the online portal or Bulletin Board where you can easily meet the requests of type “Renting a hotel room Suite with a nice view for a pleasant stay in the city”, etc., the Inhabitants of large cities are willing to pay good money for the opportunity to relax at the hotel, swim in the pool, dinner in the restaurant, forgetting about everyday life, everyday problems, work, family problems. Many people need at least periodically change the situation. It turns out that it can be done and without needing to travel outside of the country. So why not assist them by creating a hotel business in his native town. If you try, it is quite possible to recreate the exotic setting even in such a remote South seas city of Angarsk or Yaroslavl.

What you need for the business organization in the field of exotic holiday in your hometown?

Two key components of any business venture is a business plan and start-up capital. Forming a business plan, you can determine the required amount of investment in the organization and further development of own business. This document defines the goals and objectives of the business, allows you to examine the demand and to form a correct sentence of the tourist business. Naturally, to create even the promenade for a pleasant stay in the precincts of his native city needed the room. This can be real estate residential Fund – cottage, country house or commercial – former office or something similar, overlooking the city Park, which flows through the city the river or pond. Depending on the selected rooms will be determined by the form of business taxation, as well as the registration form. It is not necessary that the hotel rooms were furnished with expensive furniture. This can be a spacious room with a nice warm floors and stunning views from the Windows, as well as the opportunity to retire and escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. To increase the user base can be arranged rooms of different categories. After all, one tourist is quite spacious bright room. And the other wants a few days to bathe in luxury, inaccessible to him in everyday life.

The pricing of the services of the hotel business

Many assume that tourism in their own city, not earn much. First, they argue that low demand and the inability to compete with traveling outside of his native city and country. This is a misjudgment. Tourism in the city today is in great demand and popular among Russians, who, in the majority, are increasingly engaged in their own business and are not always able to leave the country, being forced to monitor the Affairs and business. Therefore, services of the hotel business, offering a comfortable and exciting pastime without the need to obtain travel documents and flights that are in demand among the population. This business will pay for itself quickly and will generate a steady income to its owner.

Positive examples of the organization of the hotel business in his native city

Abroad has long been in demand this kind of offer, like an exotic vacation for their citizens. For example, hotels of a number of Japanese cities already offer not just a room where you can spend the night, and rooms with an elegant interior where you can not only sleep, but also to get pleasure from a pastime. They can be specifically designed for one person, the whole family or the couple. Rooms and cottages to suit all tastes and preferences, and offer many hotels of Europe. Here you can find rooms in the style Dollhouse or caves, as well as luxury villas by the sea or with Alpine views, a private pool, Jacuzzi and other hospitality infrastructure…

The decor for exotic holidays in his hometown

For the majority of Russian tourists has the value of freedom from everyday dullness. This is why they choose to travel in overseas country, where many exotic plants, animals, and bright Sunny days. All of this can be recreated in terms of our domestic climate. To arrange exotic even in the usual city apartment standard multi-storey building in Russia. Generally, any living room can be arranged as you like, resulting in standard Russian real estate will become similar to a medieval castle, cabin of the spacecraft or the Mexican terrace. These numbers will choose not only created an atmosphere and surrounding space, but also for comfort, and the ability to avoid long trips to enjoy spiritual rest.


Ideas to create exotic tourist business in the Russian cities a huge amount. It can be European cottage villages in the Russian hinterland, with its chic, or something even more original. Than exclusive idea, the more expensive the rent numbers and more demand for this kind of tourist offer. For example, someone wants to sleep in limbo in the hammocks on the terrace, and the other on the floor in Japanese style, the third very dream at least once to spend the night in a water super-soft beds.

You can offer a vacation in a Lodge with a swimming pool or bathhouse. You can come up with many things, the main thing is desire!

Demand the original offer of rest in his hometown, will undoubtedly enjoy, bringing income to the businessman and the positive emotions of its customers!