Park mobile homes – the idea profitable small businessResidents of USA and European countries have long enjoyed the services are quite popular today, the business Park mobile homes. According to Western experts, the maintenance of the Park mobile homes, or better yet, a network of such parks is one of the most stable and successful ideas for small business.

What is Park mobile homes?

Park mobile homes immediately suggests a collection of houses on wheels. However, this is a very outdated concept. Modern mobile homes parks are very similar to the familiar village, only slightly modernized. Houses in these parks do not necessarily have to be equipped with wheels. They resemble ordinary dwellings, only a very small size. Modern fleet of mobile homes may resemble a village, made in a modern style, or small resort town. All houses in these parks definitely mobile. Ie can be moved from one platform to another or transported outside the territory of the Park. Production for mobile homes parks are specialised factory. In the sale of mobile home already comes with a built-in kitchen and other furniture, appliances, shower and toilet. That is in fact the buyer gets a fully equipped accommodations that have to deliver on the destination – Park mobile homes.

For mobile home installation you must build a temporary Foundation. This construction involves something like piles of small height. It should allow the approach to the house from bottom to connect to it all necessary for everyday life communications, including sewage and water facilities. With the aim of preserving the appearance of the Foundation of the mobile home is decorated. This provides a nice visualization of the overall picture Park mobile homes.

Overall ready-to-use mobile home difficult to distinguish from traditional stationary housing, built on a powerful Foundation. Inside the mobile home has everything you need for everyday stay – equipped kitchen, bathroom with WC, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

The cost of mobile homes is much lower than the price of stationary dwellings. The price is different, primarily because for the manufacture of mobile homes factory only one or two projects that will realize the mass production. In addition, the mobile home when making a purchase is not necessary to the property. This is a common product that doesn’t require additional notary “hassle”.

The history of the development of business parks for mobile housing

Today mobile homes parks all the more popular among US residents. For the first time this village began to appear in the middle of the 20th century. The growing popularity of mobile parks was due to the demand of housing among immigrants who arrived in America for permanent residence. Mobile homes have become the best alternative for labour migrants. They are cheaply costed and allowed to move from one state to another in search of work.

The first mobile homes were like buses. They had roughly the same shape and were equipped with wheels and towing device.

Users of the first mobile homes were trying to unite on a single territory for the purpose of greater security.

Traditionally, mobile homes parks were formed in the suburbs. In such places quite free territory for the expansion of the settlement the owners of mobile homes, quiet, calm, relatively cleanly. In addition, the suburb is easily accessible to the city center to work.

Modern mobile homes parks also try to organize outside the city or in urban parks. This provides a healthy environment around the settlement.

About 20% of modern Americans live in a special parks mobile homes. Such a desire, primarily due to cheapness. Modern mobile parks housing offer the same homes that can be rented by the owner of the business with further right of redemption or not. The average price for a mobile home with all necessary facilities in the U.S. is 100-200 thousand dollars, a stationary housing – $ 1 million.
Traditionally, the inhabitants of the Park such settlements are highly educated individuals who long ago lost interest in pointless spending money on the Foundation.

How to make money on the business to manage parks for mobile homes?

In addition to the fees directly to mobile residential unit, will have to consider the costs for the rent of the land on which he stands. It is at this moment and earn the business owners, organized on the creation of specialized parks for mobile homes. In parallel, you can make a profit on the rental of mobile housing for those individuals who do not consider a long stay in one region.

The demand for such services in Russia will be more than high. Firstly, this niche is not filled yet. Secondly, to stay in the mobile town can any average Russian, as it is always cheaper than renting a stationary property.

Park mobile homes as a business in Russia is a good idea for a profitable business. The main thing is to implement the main recommendations of experienced parkflajera.

Basic tips for setting up business in parks mobile homes:

Park mobile homes as a profitable business it is best to organize in suburban areas of large cities. In cities, as a rule, comes the most labor migrants, students and other categories of people who need affordable temporary or permanent housing. Creating all the conditions for housing mobile homes in the Park, you can count on recurring revenue from persons living there;

– the cost of housing in the Park mobile homes must be substantially lower than rent in the city. Otherwise, the shortage of customers is guaranteed. All who will live in the Park, are the people that support downshifting, nature lovers or arrived on the weekend of citizens;

– construction of parks for mobile homes must be performed in the area of access to city utilities (sewer, water, electricity, Internet). Otherwise, the entrepreneur will have to bear the additional costs of organizing communications from scratch, which is very expensive, and not only in Russia;

– the main profit business organization parks mobile homes will get just from land lease and rental of mobile homes, but not from their sale. Those wishing to purchase a mobile unit for permanent residence in Russia will not so much.  Foasr the rental, then customers will be more than enough, especially if the Park will be built in the suburbs of big cities of Russia, as Moscow, Yaroslavl, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, etc. in order to lease the land under the mobile home, not necessarily be its owner. Enough to rent the state has a sufficient piece of land and dividing it in parts, suitable for organizing the Parking of mobile homes and Parking lots for owners/tenants to get on this good profit. This approach to business entrepreneur guarantees a steady income.

It’s like building a shopping center. Build it for the same price, and then retake it in small pieces at a higher price. Of course, rent of land should be taken from the state for commercial purposes. Otherwise, the organization of the Park for mobile homes is subject to criminal/civil penalties.

Where to get money to buy mobile homes and land rent for mobile Park?

Business organization for improvement of parks for mobile homes, whatever it seemed to be a very costly affair. Money is needed for purchase/lease of land, construction of piles and the installation of communications, but most importantly – the purchase of mobile homes. The practice of most Western countries proves profitability for the organization of a specialized Park for mobile homes. To buy or rent land for this purpose in the suburbs is much easier than “pull out” of the state a piece of land for construction of shopping centre in the centre of the metropolis. With regard to mobile houses, today a number of companies offer similar products in the range, allowing you to select the appropriate price option. As a result, the business offers clients a cheap rent of residential premises suitable for permanent residence. The demand is guaranteed. Accordingly, most commercial banks will gladly agree to accredit such a business idea, and therefore, the issue of funding of the business to arise from the employer.

Who will be the client business?

Clients mobile homes parks will be people from completely different strata of population. It can be nonresident students, who arrived in a large city for the purpose of receiving education, migrant workers, tourists, retirees who wish to spend quiet time outside of the busy city streets, an ordinary family dealing with housing in a mobile home to save, etc.

Business expansion

If things get going, then later you can invest the proceeds from the lease of land and mobile homes funds in the creation of another Park. So, soon we can talk about a network of parks for mobile housing concentrated in one or more cities/regions of the Russian Federation. Such parks can be focused not only on customers choosing a mobile home to save, but also for tourists who want to spend some time outside the city, not disregarding his own comfort. I.e. you can create parks for permanent residence or parks for recreation on the shore of any body of water, in the woods, and even in the Central part of the city. In this Park, tourists will be able to live, having access to local museums, theaters, restaurants and other modern urban infrastructure.

Russian manufacturers of mobile homes – who are they and are there any at all?

At the moment there are already some domestic companies specializing in the manufacture of mobile homes. Russian mobile homes are housing up to 40 square meters with all necessary appliances, furniture. The cost of this module is 1 000 000 – 1 500 000 rubles. Alternative to domestic production can be a foreign mobile homes. However, the rates are several times higher, ranging from 5 to 14 thousand euros. To this value add the cost of shipping and customs clearance.

The guaranteed demand for mobile homes parks

Organization parks for mobile homes in Russia is not yet in high demand among businessmen. Because the pioneers have to collect all the laurels. For example, organizing a place like this in the suburbs, you can count on a steady income that will bring tourists and migrant workers. If possible you can build a fleet of mobile homes within the city limits. In particular, in Moscow there are a large number of vacant lots. These huge areas can be used with advantage, both for themselves and for the capital budget. Proceeds from the lease of land will be of great help in the revenues of the Moscow Treasury. Budget accommodation in the capital is unlikely to stand. To take them year-round. Information about rental traditionally be placed on thematic online resources. Additional advertising such business is not required, as rumors of affordable and comfortable housing for spreading themselves.

Earnings on the business of the organization parks for mobile homes begins to appear almost immediately after opening. So, to pay by Bank account guaranteed.