Puget Sound Air Quality

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What is air? Breathing air sustains all the organs and systems of the body. We need it to survive. Good air is air that you can't see, smell or taste. Here's the place to learn all about air.

What is air pollution? We refer to air pollution as contamination of the earth's atmosphere by man-made compounds released into the air. The kinds of air pollution commonly found in the Puget Sound region are known as "The Dirty Six."

Measuring air pollution and making sense of the numbers isn't always easy business. The U.S. EPA developed a Pollutant Standard Index to make it easier to understand when air pollution reaches unhealthy levels, and to compare different kinds of pollutants.

Every year, our agency produces an air quality data summary that contains summarized information about the region's air quality during the previous year.  The summary contains information based on data collected from the region's air quality monitoring network. Here you will find data from 1996 and 1997

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