The Internet shop of the goods for needlework: the organization of small businessOnline sales are increasingly popular in modern society. The Russian economy has seen a steady growth in profits obtained by the state from sales of goods and services on the Internet. Currently the sale of products online is about 20% of the total volume of trade turnover in Russia. This indicates a high degree of interest of Internet users in the possibility of buying the required goods/services in the network. If before online sales rather was the responsibility of the wholesale customers, today retail network is at its peak.

What to sell on the Internet?

According to statistics, the most popular products among Internet consumers are art supplies. This is due to the current popularity of hand made (the manufacture of goods with their hands). Because the idea of opening an online store for the sale of goods for needlework today is the most relevant for the budding entrepreneur.

The main stages of the opening of an online retail store of goods for needlework

To start a business enterprise Internet-store retail sales of goods for needlework better with budgeting. I.e. it is important to determine how much it would cost a similar business idea.

Of course, the organization of the online business associated with the trade, it is necessary to assume the existence of costs, expenses offline.

The determination of the extent of initial investment in the Internet-store of goods for needlework

Cost online include buying a domain and hosting, as well as the development engine for the creation of the website of the online store and its further promotion. You can do a page on a social network. Especially since most modern typical resources have an option of creating an online store. It means that in fact act as a virtual shopping Mall. However, similar to the independent web site, a group in the social network will also have to promote. It is very time consuming, requiring specific knowledge and skills, and therefore most often entrusted in the hands of experts. Accordingly, its work SEO-optimizers perform for a fee, most often depending on results. On average, online costs of organizing the business of sales of goods for needlework online comprise of 10-20 thousand.

Offline costs involve financing the purchase or production of the products sold in the online store. Also worth considering that e-Commerce and sales in the real world, is not without costs for storage of goods (warehouse), as well as logistics. For these purposes a budding entrepreneur is to cook another 15 thousand rubles.

On average, the cost of implementing the business idea to create an online retail store of goods for needlework will cost 40-50 thousand rubles. Maybe more, it all depends on the ambitions and capabilities of the entrepreneur. The most economical option is to open the page in a social network. This business project will cost the entrepreneur in the amount of 10 thousand rubles.

Select the category of goods

Once the issue of funding is resolved, the next: what to sell online? Standard online platform focused on the retail sale of goods for needlework, offer a wide enough range. Novice businessmen should not be wasted in a large range of items. The ideal option would be to study the proposals of competing sites in order to determine the most popular categories of goods and study the customer reviews about these or other manufacturers. Thus, it will be possible to generate a proposal for your online store, pleasing to the bulk buyers of goods for needlework.

There are ratings that indicate the most popular products of the various niches. So, in the field of goods for needlework in the TOP most popular decided to enroll: items for knitting are knitting needles, yarn, hooks, knitting scheme; goods for embroidery – scheme, threads, needles, hoops, etc.; buttons, beads, decorations; paper, cardboard, goods for scrapbooking; polymer clay, satin ribbon, fabric, wire, pieces of wood; goods for drawing.

Interest in the store shows target audience. Therefore, creating your own business selling goods for needlework in the Internet entrepreneur, it is important to set up your own audience. This can be a person who is likely having free time to practice needlework – young parents, women, teenagers. Defining the target audience allows for effective advertising of business to promote online project.

Methods of website promotion – Internet-store of goods for needlework

Promotion of this kind of web-sites is considered a specific form of SEO. Here the actual methods such as: registering resource on largest service hand made; registration and chat discussion forums uniting handicraftsmen; visit and comments web resources that specialize in matters of needlework; e-mail advertising messages with great offers; the promotion of social networks by registering in groups dedicated to creativity, design and needlework. The promotion of the online store can be implemented by concluding partnerships with real shop, specializing in the sale of goods for needlework and directly finished works hand made. Helping each other in the distribution of goods and handmade products, you can achieve great results. For example, in the offline store can hand out business cards with the address of the online store of goods for needlework.

The profits of the Internet shop of the goods for needlework

Wholesale sales of goods for needlework – a very profitable event. Typically, this business pays for itself in just a few months. The main condition for success is good advertising and SEO promotion of the online store. This allows you to convey information about the proposal of business to your target audience. Of course, one cannot deny the high degree of importance of proper pricing.

The proposal should be favorable for the bulk of consumers, in this case to assume the maximum possible amount of profit entrepreneur.
In an average month, the online retail store of goods for needlework can manage a turnover in the amount of from twenty to one hundred thousand rubles. It all depends on the range of proposals, terms of cooperation, as well as actions of competitors.


Business organization retail sales of goods for needlework online – very profitable event. At a cost of twenty or twenty – five thousand can reach eighty thousand rubles of revenue. The profitability of the business activities is obvious. The main condition is the proper pricing and quality of the formed range of products, taking into account all the wishes and requests of the main categories of consumer. The uniqueness of this business idea is that in a niche retail trade of goods for needlework does not exist monopolists and competitors, using pre-emptive reputation among the majority of consumers. A businessman needs to take a responsible approach to the selection of offers for its customers, and therefore should be demanding of the main suppliers of products sold through the online store.